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Here I am late again!
On Saturday when this Catch-Up should have

been penned and available I was hiding away in my little house, wishing the gardens were
moats or magical barriers that could shield or distance me from unnecessary anxieties for
long enough that I might get my head straight and grab me some quality sleep. Of course,
the nearest thing to a moat was the result of non-stop rain, the horses had definitely bolted
as far as sorting my head out was concerned and MS had seen off any chance of quality
sleep some years previously. Still, it did remind me that the guilt 
associated with self-pity,
however secret, is at least as bad as common neurosis.

So, having decided that I'm not throwing in the towel, (at least not for the  foreseeable future),
I'll stop waffling and
try to summarise the week. It shouldn't be hard as nothing much has really
happened. Early in the week someone - I'm guessing the person who started the internet assault
on me - sent me 4 malicious Direct Messages in one night, by hacking the account of an
African AIDS/MH charity, which I found particularly nauseating.

I still haven't had any significant feedback from Twitter's 'relevant department', the staff of which
are meant to be investigating the whole shenanigans. I'll have to chase it up soon, although they
did ask me to be patient. Ending the subject on one good note: As part of my
sticking-ones-head-in-the-sand therapy, I had avoided using Google at the weekend, but when
I peeked this morning, I was really uplifted to see that www.sitetrail.com is back showing this
website as having 'no rating - not enough votes' (but again, still shows all personal details).

On Reflection: (the screenplay rather than the point of this page). Unfortunately new writing has
taken a back seat for the last fortnight due to my failure to concentrate. BUT – over the last 5 or
6 days I have been able to review and rewrite chunks, albeit spasmodically, which is something
that I tend to do normally when I get stuck on a scene or character or whatever, as then
distancing myself from the problem without completely breaking away from it helps the ideas flow.
Then, it is obviously short term. This is more worrying. I'm hoping that by next week the Dragon (11)
will be fully fired up once again.

Michele Burnett. x

(To read last wks Catch-Up click on 09.06.2012 link ).

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