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On Reflection

ON Reflection is a screenplay for TV written in 2 parts, and set in the mid 2020's when
much of the so called civilised world is in chaos. In England people are rioting on the
streets, families are frightened to go outside their homes, politicians fighting each other
and the police impotent in the face of overflowing prisons and increasing numbers of
armed youths.

Had real news  not seemed
both scarce and unremarkable both to the reporters and
their jaded editors that day, then maybe the exagerated media attention would not
have followed, but it was and it did. The result is history. Literally. Two Versions of
history at least, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The day the media focused
predominantly and unsympathetically on his wife,
the PM made 2 anouncements:

  1.      Authorising the set-up of a research project into why the UK, like other
European, American, and more recently even some Eastern countries had become
so 'disturbed' and then - how
matters could be resolved.

   2.   The acceptance of Edward Frazer MPs resignation due to personal reasons,
which   eveyone would read to be  a breakdown after the recent death of his father,
following only months after the news reports of his to be  ex-wife with another ..
He was in fact due to head up the team. With his Socio-Scientific background and
vast range of contacts, along with the fact that the PM  never could tell whether he
was a sarky bastard or a genuinly nice guy, either of which  made him uncomfortable.
The rest of the team initially consisted of:

Andrew Reech and Jennifer Mae  a couple, Andrew a 49yr old Physicist who was
'along for the ride' acording to Jenny, a 47yr old Social Historian. 
Rachel Gosling
- Psychologist  specialising in memory loss.
James  76 yr old, American Astro Physicist, brought in later. Lectures occassionally at
Harvard and the Jeffersonian Institute, also 'dabbles' in research but enjoys the freedom
of choice that age brings him, being able to mix an intersting puzzle with reuniting with
a dear friend.
, a 17yr old  mathmatician, adopted by James and his wife Mary
Alderton when he
was 4 years oldfrom a Special Care Unit. His biological parents already had 5 children that
they couldn't look after and Joe was summarily diagnosed as suffering from ADHD.
Joes problem of course was lack of stimulation - his IQ was 181.

Far from using the oportunity to help the
the three blind  monkeys leading the country
make a point, or even to make a political point of their own, what the team found
was far more sinister than any of them had even vaguely anticipated.
A highly charged
scientifically worded,
(slightly spoof) outcome to the research project was penned and
fed back. As anticipated, The implications of their 'conclusion' was near enough to the
gov. pre-assumpsion and yet also to their worst fear, thatas long as they didn't breach
the Official Secrets Act the team would be allowedto do their research with very few
questions asked. With only the minimum window dressing, further research was on their
own findings. And then they experimented. More than once, though not all of them did.
Not all of them could. Then matters worsened.

The problem with  plans laid down by geniuses is in their assumptions regarding the
outcome. Add one person's ethics to another's temptation, throw in the chance of
an  unpredicted variables and the future could look uncertain to downright unhealthy.

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