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In the Pipeline

This is where it gets even trickier as I have tried very hard to stop myself from
indulging in the tempting distraction of guessing which way my muddled mind
will take me, once this current project finally comes together.

The truth is I don't know what is coming next.  Some days I feel certain that I
will be rewriting the second novel,  another time I'm all for revamping a series
for kids . Then again, before starting On Reflection it was a toss up between that
and one other idea that I had for a new screenplay, so who knows? Certainly not

Once On Reflection has been completed  and I have made a decision on where
I am going next I will update this page, maybe even add a new one, and reference
the fact on Twitter (@MDouglasBurnett).

Feel free to leave a message in the GuestBook if you wish to do so.

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