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                                                  Short Notice

      Ahh, Chr.. Sh.. What the.. are you trying to to kill me?
Well, yes... I'm sorry to startle you too, and I really do need the
lights on. How long have you’ve been sitting there.. well, doing
whatever it is that you're doing? I most certainly was
not gawking
and I resent the inference - although in this instance I’m not quite
sure what it is...  Yes, I have indeed had occasion to 'adjust my
attire’, though posibibly not with your military precision and gusto. How long
did you say ?.. you didn’t .. You know what? I am going to go back to
the edge of the website and come back in as if we had never met,
and start again. What do you say? No - no need for formalities I'll
just get on with it.



     Well hallo to you a.. both of you.  It is so good to share this space
with... you're leavi.. to have  a cigarette... and.. join him, why don't you.
No? The toilets? They are near the exit......................You’re both back!
That’s wonderful! It really is. Right now. You’ve got a seat? - each? Not
that anyone would mind.. least of all me, my goodness.. but either way -
or perhaps I should say ‘anyway’, hm? No? Well make  yourselves comfy..
as you can.. ‘Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin’. I’ll wager you’re
too young to remember that. Both half my age.. hopefully the top half eh,
so you can see and hear.. though maybe not.... actually let’s move on to
any questions; have either of you got any that you would like to ask yet?
No? Not yet. Well don't forget, as soon as you do have any, just let me
know. That is, hopefully I will be able to let you know.. the answer, once
you‘ve asked me, of course... My name, you know .. and yours? We may
aswell get acquainted, since we are but two - of you, and so few of us,
that is.  Julie, it is a pleasure to meet you - and Roger, yes, one also. Hm.
Perhaps I should just begin.


     ..One of my favourite  Christmas-Holiday-Eco-Awareness Tips is to 
Leave Your Decorations Up All Year Round to reduce the Carbon
Footprints (in a geeky way), 
and  encourage you to use soft lighting
indoors... (so you shouldn’t even see them anyway!) Which leads nicely
on to the subject I have  been asked here to talk to you about tonight... 
I am so sorry, I haven’t even wished you a happy one... a Merry Christmas,
in the event that you had one, which I’m sure I hope you did. Did have one
that is - a Christmas, or an equivalent or similar kind of happy.. time off...
and a New Year, of course. Mine was very... quiet, thank you for asking.
yours? Hm?
Not quiet - lot’s of family,  friends, food, heaps of presents too, I bet.
That sounds delightful. Just so damned perfect

I'm sorry? Ah, you have a question. Fire away.

“Are you Michele Burnett?”


“I am..”


“Thanks so much for standing in for me at such short notice. I know
the agency had almost given up on finding anybody willing or able to.
Oh. Sorry. I’m sure you’re very much in demand.. In less busy times
of the year.. maybe?.. You speak on....
your future with.. Santa Clause,
right?” Then something tells me that  even after hearing just  half of
your wonderful story,  these guys will  still be..
"rehashing it" long after
their friends made them stop going on about
my Knighthood.. honorary
degrees, awards and so on and so forth.”

“I won’t take a moment to pack up. As you see the site is... filling up?”


“Yeasss.. the local radio station gave us a mention as soon as I told them
I’d managed to make it here after all.”




“I’m  sorry?”


“They gave You a mention, as soon as they knew You would make it”


“Obviously Me, yes "..


“It’s fine, really ... but as your fans are still turning up, it would be a nice
gesture if you introduced yourself to the guy sitting  over there, in the
corner. As soon as you walked in it struck me that you  share  a common
Goodnight .... there you go, shake his hand... What a pair of tos....


Thank you for visiting me on theimposibledream and I hope you will do

so again before too long. If you are interested in  filling your head with

more silliness, you need move your mouse or nimble fingers no further than

to under the logo, where you will find a whole stack of has-beens ..though

I’d rather you didn’t let them know that I’d called them that. It just

slipped out.


     Michele Burnett x


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