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                    Welcome to The Impossible Dream
          As I Recall, Oct 2012 

This weeks effort is in 2 parts - 1st: Pre Hacking

2nd: Current (as I finally crawl out of the woodwork)

Sunday  06.10:

On Sunday I awoke to the memory of Saturday night's unfinished business
and the completion of last week's 'As I Recall..’ awaiting my attention. As I
grudgingly dragged myself out of bed, I felt it necessary to be stern in my
thoughts and chided myself for even considering the alternative option I had
the for the day; remaining in bed with a pile of DVDs and closed curtains.

I would compromise, I told myself – as long as I went straight down stairs to
complete what needed to be done, I could perform the briefest of ablutions
and not get dressed all day. I agreed to the deal willingly. After a slightly rocky
start I found myself to be in a quite agreeable mood after all. Once in the
kitchen, coffees made and drunk and Tweets of gratitude ritualistically sent,
there was nothing further left me to do but turn on the Dragon.

I'd be lying if I said that my mood didn't sour from time to time throughout the
day but generally, whether avoiding hearing my inner voice say one more time 'if
you'd just started on Thursday', or stolen moments wallowing in the inappropriate
cosiness of my attire, I managed to keep right on to the end... (No, I'm not going
to burst into song). Not even after finishing in time for a very small vodka in a
very large orange juice whilst I watching wonderfully mind numbing programs on
the TV, until bedtime.


Monday  07.10: 

Monday morning wheeled in a new week and a fresh new start, so why not
wouldn’t I start by catching up on all the nasty jobs I'd been putting off for…
Not ‘nasty’
jobs just - yes nasty... but not too bad to be put on the list.

ß        Ironing - a fairly small heap of garments with long-standing residency at
one end of a settee in the sitting room. In truth it wasn't all the clothing
in need of an iron. There’s a basket under the stairs that holds articles
that have been in there so long, they are now beside the point, if
clothing can be. Maybe they’re my skeleton on the wardr cupboard.

(Subconscious reference to fact that I’m so much fatter now. Why did I start

ß       Fix hangie-offie cupboard door in the kitchen. This should be a simplish
job, which until done serves as constant visual irritant.

ß       Move plant feeds; trellis fixings, etc. from behind armchairs and put in
garden shed.

ß       Put away garden chairs, find covers for garden table and washing whirligig
and apply.

ß       Sort out front bedroom.

ß       Remove walking sticks from ends of stairs (or at least sort according to
matching colours).

ß       Sort out cupboard in stairwell.

ß       Sort out cupboard under stairs.


That seemed enough to start with, after all there’s no point in setting oneself up
to fail.

I made some coffee and logged onto twitter...     


October 04.10

And that was as far as I got. I was due to complete and toss As I Recall..06.10
up into the ether the following evening, but my Saturday routine of silly
scribbling became very disturbed – as did I.  In horror saw all of my passwords
swallowed and converted in front of my eyes – and new ones concocted to grant
entry to an unknown intruder into my PC, network & modem. It may sound like
something futuristic or fantastical, but it was very real and even now I can vividly
recall the sickening feeling deep down in my gut, that I was on the outside
watching myself being devoured by a giant cold-blooded parasite.

From there it tended to go downhill, really.  He (or she, ‘though much as I should
be able to I still can’t see that as so likely), spent the next couple of weeks getting
around every obstacle I put in the way. It appears that he/she had been hovering
for at least a week longer than I thought. I did manage to trace an IP path (or part
of one) that he/she had been bouncing around before reaching me, which included
2 points in the US (Mountview & Atlanta) and 7 in the UK. Subsequently it came to
light that the hacking of this website earlier this year was, in all likelihood, done by
the same person - which leads to the question of whether he or she ever went away.

The cable company were useless, saying that they would look into it but I wouldn’t
hear anymore from them about it either way. I couldn’t find any UK police
department listed on the Internet that might be of any help either. Having said that,
if you happen to be my friendly hacker please don't be encouraged by any of the
above. I am adding a contact e-mail address with a request to anyone who has
details of any government dept that deals with these kinds of problems to please get
in touch.

Now it is November, time to turn over a new leaf (notice clever reference to autumn),
come out of hiding, work on the paranoia and… try to feign normality. I've just
noticed that I'm perched here in my dressing gown, trying to catch up on the latest
As I Recall.. before collapsing in front of the TV...

I'm having this strange sense of déjà vu... it's probably just indigestion. But even so,
this will do until I 10.11, when I promise to lighten the tone again. 

Thank you for visiting theimpossibledream. For more nonsense of the usual kind, please find
links to previous wks ramblings
under the logo at the top of the page, or come back next week
by which time I will have shaken off the eebie-jeebies and sewn myself back into back the skin
of the odd-but-resilient old ba bat that I think I'm meant to be.

Please come back soon - it gets very spooky here when you all leave..

Michele Burnett x

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