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My expanding logo




The small matter of my expanding logo.

Over the last 7 to 8 months, for reasons best not dwelt on here (lest I wonder from the point and lose my way back), I have been forced to change or reload many hard drives for my PCs and laptop and in so doing under the pressure of horrid circumstances, managed to wipe out a huge amount of data including programs, passwords and scribblings. Some was replaceable, some admittedly possibly best lost... and some were just hiding. Fortunately one of the logo-makers was in the latter category along with several other very addictive time-consuming/relatively pointless – but fun programs that have kept me extremely busy this week.

Naturally, nothing is ever plain sailing; the program is useless without the password. I tried requesting my lost details from the website but they pretended not to know me. I don't know what I'd done to offend them but I had no time to worry about that, I was on a mission. I went through several old hard drives linking them up to my current PC, hoping that I might somehow find the information I wanted there, but of course I didn't. I even went online searching eBay and Amazon hoping I'd find the product there cheaper there than at normal outlets, before committing myself to paying out the full price. I knew that was rediculous. After a full two days of searching and deliberating there was only one thing left to do, a quick look in the password file of the portable hard drive that I used to use until earlier this year… and naturally, forgotten about. By the time I reacquainted myself with the delights of playing with this old toy and tiredness began to wipe the childish grin from my face, the sharp sun smiled back through the frost of the following day.

Have I mentioned to you before that I was thinking about putting all this nonsense on a separate blog-type-website thingy? Of course that's all it was, a thought. (Idiot – they can see that for themselves).Well, it meandered its way back into my mind and got me thinking about logos - logo-makers to be precise. I used to be the proud owner of two logo-makers, yet whenever I see the word, written or in my mind’s eye I am confronted by my own obscure and conflicting emotions; the word spawns for me the image of a craftsmen of yonder year, a carpenter, a stonemason, a blacksmith... But then – what does it make me that I've just proudly claims to have been the owner (Oh crikey, it's happening again. Quickly, move on hope they haven't noticed).
Now, I recognise that look; two thoughts just flew into your head (three if you include 'Am I on the right website?', but as few sites are this leery, that one didn't last long enough to count). Your first sustained thought 'Which bit of her is her logo?’, I found quite offensive. Not that I have ever denied my... continually expanding proportions, but for them to have reached no.1 in the Thought Charts?  Your second followed only once you'd managed to tear yourself away from the hysterical title and started looking aroundthe page: 'Ah, new format, less words, at least it should be quicker to read'. For future reference, when you hear stray notions escaping from you into websites or other public places it really is best to turn down your sound.

In the end I decided to try to create a ‘cover’ for my Facebook page - not that I felt any need for one, but by then my original idea regarding possible blog/website eluded me and I desperately want to do something. I'd tried previously using my logo from this site, which had seemed a fairly good idea to me at the time but that was too narrow. From there I replicated and enlarged it, elongated it, juggled images and formats around before uploading it... then did it all again couple of days later when I realised it was still too short. The jury is still out on this one, but even if I like it I'll probablly take it down and tweak it now and again...

However did I fill my days before my sweet Logo-Maker came back into my life?

Thank you for visiting theimpossibledream. For more nonsense of the usual kind, please find
links to previous wks ramblings under the logo at the top of the page, & come back next week
Please come back soon - it gets very spooky here when you all leave..

Michele Burnett x
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