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Let it Snow


    This morning, I was deeply disappointed to wake and find grass still green and  roads still... the colour they were the day before and all other surfaces above and beyond, snow-free. Fortunately the depression soon lifted as I quickly recalled that the day I was in was Saturday, and the forecast that had pleased me so much was for Sunday. An easy mistake to make, but not such a bad one; for ‘tomorrow we shall have snow’!

     Well, it wasn’t until late in January this year that I took my first steps beyond the ‘Happy Christmas Santa’ mat, that having done me so proud this past season will now remain in situ I’ve decided, as a jolly welcome to...  whomever... hmm, until I chose to bring him in for a rest.

    That unseasonal  hiding from normal life wasn’t strictly due to my sloth-like, asocial and paranoid tendencies, but more to a combination of tiredness (to a very-very degree), poor balance (to an  extremely ++wobbly degree), lots of light-sensitivity++,  snow (of the very/very-slippery kind), bright light from sky, plus carzzzheadlights!!! from early dusk's - all ganging together. Which gave me an extended opportunity to remain indoors with the blinds down, the lights dimmed and ahhh... a chance to escape from.. escape to.. relax.

     Actually it was cosy, helped I confess by the twinkly holiday decorations that were still in place until that third week. Of course I felt self-conscious,  until I was told that the Queen kept hers up until she left Balmoral at the end of January, (which is probably wrong and hardly relevant anyway), but it was the only hook I needed to start turning them back on and follow the magic, albeit within the confines of my own juvenile mind.

     The cosiness I’d felt wasn’t just due to the soft fairy lights around the walls though; the fuzzy feeling remained after the tree had been taken down and returned to the loft in December, along with maybe half the decorations my son and I had added to the anually  increasing resident.. bits. It was the feeling of solitude; almost snow-enforced solitude but not quite, as I could just have gone out had I really wanted to. It was the warm feeling of knowing that I didn’t have to go when I didn’t want to, nor did I need to make excuses not to.

     I don't want you to think that I wasted my confinement, not even by most normal conventional  people’s standards, though maybe I’m not the ideal person to judge. I took long hard looks at many things that were better considered when uninterrupted by the constraints of time, or interfere necessary interuptions of  other people. Some areas I entered felt morbid but necessary, so I did what was needed and filed where only nightmares can go for now.

    But mostly my thoughts were philosophical. For instance: if our climate eventually changes to 2 severe but opposite seasons would Homo sapiens develop the ability to hibernate? A thought totally unappealing to me (what can be so desirable about enforced, prolonged, dreamless sleep that you have no say in when you  wake from?)  Or, would perhaps our Governments by then have offered a form of suspended animation to those diagnosed with critical illnesses ‘until a cure can be found’,  so giving families hope and incidently, saving millions? Perhaps extended to the elderly  in prearation for an elixia of youth? There were other musings too and some  practical things of course, but I don't want to risk boring you or have you think me ... odd.

      Now, I‘m rational enough to realise that if it has to be Saturday today, then I need to wait until tomorrow for it to be Sunday. I also realise that some Weather Forecasters give inaccurate predictions. However, in this case I'd like to think that the woman I heard speak on the subject is above such speculation or, at the very least had used up her mistakes before entering my TV set.

I must have snow
. I need the solace, I need the peace, I need the freedom... what? well yes, okay... but only in very broad terms, to provide me with an excuse... to go into hiding.

Thank you once again for looking in and hope you have a lovely week. If you are interested in reading previous weeks ramblings, please find links under the logo at top of page.
                                               Michele Burnett x
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