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www.theimpossibledream.org.uk  AsIRecall..08.12.2012


Deck the Halls

     I had intended to write about my magical trip back in time to Dickensian Rochester - which of course is the Rochester in Kent, UK - but unfortunately my son who was to escort me, making sure I didn't fall down the crack between train and station platform (as if my belly or bum would let me) had a nasty cold or flu maybe, so we didn’t make it. It could be our destiny not to go - last year after diligently looking up Christmas markets on the internet Rochester was my favourite, as people dress up mead is drunk and merriment is had by all. What I didn't register in my eagerness to buy train tickets before they were snapped up (as I felt sure they would be) was that within the sited week of festivities, on the Monday for which I had tickets the town was in hibernation. Still, I don't give up that easily. Next year, pending the status of my wobbliness, I will try once more. If I am scuppered in my attempts yet again, I’ll accept that it isn’t in my destiny to be serenaded by Victorians in the bitter cold and remove Rochester from my list of magical Experiences to be encountered.

     So, no longer able to use my first choice for this week's meaningful... written thing, I’ve found myself having to decide between another self pitying look at my break in trust with the World Wide Web, this time with the emphasis on how I lost crucial early Internet Christmas shopping time – or self-flagellation in the form of admitting to the world (okay, to a small pocket of you with nothing better to do, for whom I feel both sorrow and gratitude), that with the help of my son I have now had my deccies down from  the loft for nearly a week and  still only half of them are hung. Tempted as I am to go with option A (or was it 1?), to find the original subject, change a few words and hope none of you are regulars... well what’s the chance of that?  I’ve decided on B/2. There, I’ve said it now so I’m committed. What’s that? Yes I heard and you’re probably right, I should be... you’re hysterical. Juvenile but Funny.

     When I said that only half the decorations were hung you may have thought I meant that I had hung half of them since Monday. Actually, and this is the embarrassing bit, each year for the past two or three or so) I have been leaving more and more of my lights and general subtler Christmassy type things up and around just in case I'm unable to recreate my Grotto the following year. I have never left my Christmas tree up nor will I ever (I'm almost certain), nor do I turn on the Christmas twinkly lights throughout the year. Aside from all that I still had quite a number of boxes, not including the massive box with the tree to sort out, of which three quarters has been done - if you don't include the vital pieces that I seem to have lost and of course the tree itself.

      I've just had an idea. If I stop writing this rubbish I could actually get the damn things up and you could get on with... good things.


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MicheleBurnett X

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