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A light from yonder


A light from yonder..

     The doorstep of the autumn skies were darkened early
that evening by a cloak of threatening rain, hanging waiting
to penetrate any skin within reach of its pervading chill. It
was no time for the feint-hearted to be wandering alone or
for the small-minded to take a narrow view. The scene was
a fitting backdrop to the drama I was about to encounter, so
why wasn't I able to read the signs?

    Have you ever had a dream in which you knew you were
dreaming? I'm sure you have and except for the very few
whose minds can't grip the here and now; we all know when
we are awake, don't we? But perhaps to us all every once in
a while, we find ourselves on the brink of wakeful understanding
and... and what? and something somewhere else.

     I was involved in an encounter that ripped me from familiar
streets only to throw me into the centre of an eternal sphere of
blazing white light. Those unearthly beams seared my brain and
mortified my soul. At some point I was vaguely aware of being
in a seat, strapped down but with my hands pressed against my
face; I was too terrified even to attempt looking outside. I seem
to recall that there may have been some radio sounds, static
maybe or even voices, but nothing recognisable or that I can

     I've was always sceptical of tales of encounters with UFO's
- or rather of the unidentified objects being automatically aligned
with ET and other little green men. Of individuals' encounters
with aliens that the Sunday red-tops like to make much of when
real news has escaped them, I hoped tthey were paid well for
there story. Over the last few years I've seen lives that had taken
a dive into infernal pits, emerge only to grow stronger and better
in so many ways; I've witnessed time take on a new meaning and
fasten his pace.. nothing can be taken for granted or summarily
dismissed. Believing in Father Christmas and I know that fairies
exist, as I do - I'd love to be convinced.

     Money, from my handbag I think, fell onto the floor of
the transporter when it landed. As the door swung open, for
a moment I remained expecting more lights to hit me, but they
didn't. I could barely see but still made out my house just feet
away. Grappling unconsciously for the note and coins I heard a
human voice say "not to worry", to "just leave it" and to "get
indoors". Relieved that my key still fitted the lock  I crawled
upstairs to the bathroom, catching a glimpse of the ghost of
myself in the mirror before throwing up.

     Having drawn the curtains against the warm escaping  and 
in provention of headlights from any passing cars breaking in,
I remained safe at home with my meds, my TV and my dimmer
switch. For the next two days I felt as if aliens had been holding
a boxing match inside my head; in future when I visit my mother
I willl make sure to book the cab for the morning.

If you are in the mood for more nonsense, please find links to
previous wks ramblings under the logo, at the top of the page.
Have a lovely week and please do come back again soon.

Michele Burnett x



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