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Okay. For this weeks drivel I will go straight past annoying (scary) internet
hacker/stalker/psycho content, as even I am getting bored constantly hearing myself
thinking about it. I will also skip last weekend as my recent tardiness forces me
temporarily into a 5-day week.

Once up, straight onto the computer. It was high time I pulled myself together. So,
I opened On Reflection, awakened the Dragon... then spent far too long untangling
headphone cables - what is it they do in our absence to always get themselves in such
a mess?- then made coffee to defuse any mounting tension. Once calmer I gazed at
different aspects of my ongoing masterpiece with varied facial expressions, ranging from
sorrow to utter incredulity to mild relief that it wasn't a complete disaster. I then consoled
myself with a short coffee break and hunted for my pseudo cigarette.  As I remember it,
that formed the pattern for most of that day. A few breaks for reading emails and Tweeting
and other internetty things that I am determined not to talk about, this week at least.

Tuesday was slightly different as I weakened and did emails and Twittered instead of
getting directly into working on the screenplay as I did the day before... As I nearly had the
day before and how I would have got straight back into working on it if only hadn't accidently
walked onto the internet instead of skipping into my pet project. As it happens I was duly
punished with a particularly ghastly 'bug' that caused my computer to firstly seize up, then heal
itself by reverting from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Ed, losing all my docments
en route. As well as losing documents, for some reason windows would now no longer accept
the key as being genuine. I spent many hours that day and into the night trying to persuade
microsoft's favorite operating software to see reason, but  all to no avail.

Decided over night that I would waste no further time on that harddrive - there were after all
benefits to the way it now is - several programs that I thought I'd lost, including a logo maker
which is great fun and several other semi writing-related progs that are great for passing the
time... or perhaps that isn't such a good idea. Now and again I upgrade my/my son's/friend's
PCs, so there are always odd bits hanging around the place. Anyway, I remembered a nice big
HDD that I was going to use I can't remember where, so I fdisk-ed & formatted  that,
slipped it into the no.1 position (the original hdd in 2nd) and loaded up 7Ult.  Ah, I hear you
thinking, another day of hiding from all things creative..hm?  Well, yes, I suppose you are right
but not by choice. And I did go on Twitter via my laptop whilst things verified, partitioned,
formatted, downloaded, etc. Once I'd finally 'published' one of these onto my website I
don't stop fiddling with it until the next one is either due or overdue. Ironic isn't it?

Got up early and straight on to my fully working computer, feeling inspired. Could not find
screenplay. Inwardly started to panic until remembered that it is on a portable harddrive that I
had unplugged. Crisis over. Gingerly looked  towards the headphones, preparing myself for
chaos but no, they had remained neater than expected so took that as a good omen. Wisely I
thought, I got the coffee pot going before I sat down, then decided just in time to wait until it
was ready before getting to work, as distraction was the last thing I needed now the creativity
had finally flowed back. It seemed to work because by midday, when  my mobile alerted me
to a new message, I had CONSTRUCTIVELY rewritten several pages and (small drum roll)
I also wrote a whole new scene(!!!).  Actually it was very roughly written but finally, after 3
damn awful weeks, the jinx seemed to be broken. 
The text brought me back to reality. I was to have had a lift to visit my mother but that was off.
I would get a cab, which would give me more time - handy as I had completely forgotten about
going. As it happened my Mother had had a fall, one of several minor ones she'd  had
lately and was taken to the nearest A&E - which isn't near at all.
And so ended another day

Friday was split between phoning the hospital where my Mother had remained, (where the main
swichboard frequently rang engaged, even though it had an automated answering service),
and rewriting the scene that I had written the previous day.I would love to say that I then got my
head down and wrote more new script until I fell asleep exhausted over my keyboard - but I didn't.
It is amazing how much time it takes waiting to speak to the right person, obtain information or
when that fails, wooing the automaton in hope that if that went well someone on the ward would 
eventually pick up the phone. By the end of the day my head was spinning.

Lots of telephoning - firstly trying to get though to the hospital, then to the right department, right
person, etc. before relaying information to care home and immediate family members.Next tried to
get a head start on this, as was determined not to be late out with it yet again. Got started just as
my son arrived, but as he was happy to go on the laptop, managed to get as far as Monday before
it was time to visit Mother. Since returning have had several coffees but no food  or breaks, and it is
past 12.50am  ... in other words please take into account those excuses when you critique my
shoddy penmanship.

Michele Burnett x

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