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About Me

This is the bit I find really difficult, so I will write it as quickly as possible and
would appreciate you reading it with equal speed before moving on. Okay. I am
a 56 year old child of short yet horizontally expanding stature who finally in 2006,
after an unnecessary back operation based on a misdiagnosis that happened to go
wrong.. was diagnosed  with (PP)Multiple Sclerosis.

I can still walk short distances with one or two elbow crutches, which are are much
better de-wobblers than the many and varied coloured walking sticks I used until
quite recently. Although I have limited peripheral vision, nature compensates me
on a regular basis with double vision - (this is often joined by piercing headaces and
photophobia, but you can't win them all). l am told that I am also very stubborn -
and it could be true, although this has nothing to do with the MS. I do try to ignore
the whole health issue & I definitely do not like seeing doctors but there is nothing
they can do anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Ok, that's not entirely true, but I still chose to remain at home whenever possible,
where I can live out my life relatively undisturbed, in my own little world.

What else? I married once. Briefly. Divorced when my son was young, (he is now 31
and the loveliest guy ever - though there is the smallest chance that I could be biased.)

I have  been both a registered Psychiatric and a Learning Disability Nurse and I managed
Residential Care Homes for the Elderly for 17+ years prior to being put out to pasture.
I have various qualifications, blah, blah...

Oh - I live in Hertfordshire, England (UK).

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